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Accident Forgiveness

What is Accident Forgiveness coverage?

Accident forgiveness is a feature of an Auto Insurance policy that protects your driving record, with your insurance company, from being affected by an at-fault accident, thus preventing your insurance premium from going up.

 Not every at-fault accident will be forgiven by an insurance company.

This usually applies only to your first at-fault accident and then only if

your driving record is otherwise clean.

Even if Accident Forgiveness is offered, you may not qualify.

If you have had multiple auto accidents in the past few years or an excessive amount of speeding tickets or

other moving violations on your driving record, chances are you will not qualify.

Even though the insurance company does not consider the accident in the price of your insurance, the accident is still on your driving record.

For more regarding the benefits of Accident Forgiveness, or to begin coverage,

fill out and submit the requested information below. One of our Agents will contact you to discuss your needs.

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