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Let's work together to protect your present

and build for your future!

What is Life Insurance?

In short, Life Insurance helps protect your loved ones if you are no longer here to provide for them.

How does it work?

Life insurance policies, in their most simple form, pay death benefits to beneficiaries that are named in a policy. Some life policies also include investment options that can help you save for retirement or other financial goals.

In the event of your passing, life insurance provides money directly to the individuals you select, your beneficiaries, who can use the money as they see fit, including:

  • Replacing lost income

  • Covering basic living expenses

  • Paying household debts, estate taxes and funeral expenses

  • Funding a child’s education

  • Supplementing retirement savings


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provides coverage for a set period of time, or a "term." Term Life Insurance policies do not build cash value.

can provide coverage for up to a lifetime, as long as you stay current on payments. Additionally, some Whole

Life Insurance policies build cash value.

is permanent Life Insurance with an investment savings element and low premiums like Term Life Insurance. Most Universal Life Insurance policies contain a flexible premium option. 

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