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Helping businesses protect their assets

against a range of possible risks.

Commercial Property Insurance

Let's get your Commercial Property protected.

Commercial Property Insurance policies are specialized property policies that have been designed to meet the insurance needs of businesses. These policies sometimes have commonalities with homeowner's and other personal property policies,

but there are also frequently significant differences between them.

Businesses that own land or buildings can benefit from getting business property insurance, and many businesses that own expensive equipment may want coverage even if they lease whatever space they’re in. Without coverage, recovering from a major disaster that damages an asset can be prohibitively expensive. In some cases, recovering will even bankrupt a business.

  • Does my Home-based Business need Business Property Insurance?
    Whether sole proprietors who run home businesses need business property insurance depends on the terms of their Homeowner's Insurance, their business’ assets and other factors. Some homeowner's policies offer basic coverage for home offices. Not all policies will cover a home office or equipment that’s used for a business, though, and those that do may offer only minimal protection. Sole proprietors who are in this position ought to seek the advice of an informed insurance agent. An agent who specializes in business property coverage will be able to determine whether this type of insurance is necessary given a specific business’ situation.
  • What coverages do Commercial Property Policies offer?
    Commercial Property policies might offer a variety of protections. There are two main protections, however, that most policies make available: Building Coverage, which is normally used to insure buildings and structures Contents Coverage, which is normally used to insure equipment and inventory

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